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AndroidDreamer (ANDR) - now with streaming in Local LAN and remotely over 3G/HDSPA/WIFI. Works with Enigma1 and Enigma2. Also vPlayer is supported as media-player.

Beta 0.56 of April 15, 2011

AndroidDreamer is an application for Dreambox-owners (or any Enigma1- or Enigma2-based satellite-receiver) which, eventually, will enable you to completely control your Dreambox remotely and to watch TV and recordings via streaming in LAN and over 3G/HDSPA/WIFI.

However, AndroidDreamer in this moment, is very simple and basic since it is in an early stage of development and currently it does not yet support features such as EPG, Remote Control, Timer Management etc.

Mainly, it was written quickly to test streaming and this beta release supports indeed streaming (in Local LAN and remotely over 3G/HDSPA/WIFI) both for Enigma and Enigma2. Also vPlayer is supported as media-player.

However, please note this is still a BETA and errors may occur. Better error-handling will be added gradually while the application gets developed further. Since the streaming-part works well, I decided to make it available on the Android Market.

Note: What regards streaming over 3G/HDSPA, you should be aware of the fact that watching a stream from your Dreambox over 3G will consume a lot of data-traffic so you should have a contract with your mobile-operator which permits you unlimited data or at least a lot of data for a fixed price. However, if you are using AndroidDreamer for streaming within your Local LAN (using WIFI), then of course you will not consume any data-traffic on your mobile network.

Read carefully the instructions, especially what regards setting up 3G-streaming (VPN- e HTTP-modes). The instructions can be read by clicking on your Menu-button.

If you have any questions, please use the forum indicated in the instructions. Please also do not hesitate to send me feedback, bug-reports, suggestions and things you would like to see implemented in a future release.

Finally I want to thank my beta-testers Didier_74, Daniele, Macchese, Vippen and Albertazzi65 for their invaluable help in testing AndroidDreamer.

-ANDR beta 0.56 (April 15, 2011) - Added support for setting new version of vPlayer as default-player for Direct Streaming. Extended time-limit.
-ANDR beta 0.55 (March 17, 2011) - Fix: Audio-issues. When streaming, with many dreambox-images, only the video would be shown but with no audio. I believe I have now fixed it. Fix: Save-button in General Settings not appearing on devices with 240x320 resolutions.
-ANDR beta 0.54 (March 10, 2011) - BUG-fix: VLC would not get killed upon exiting ANDR which would cause problems with 3G streaming on successive runs.
-ANDR beta 0.53 (March 9, 2011) - Added new remote streaming-method (HTTP using FLV), added DynDNS-address field, added a screen for setting VLC-preferences including bitrate and Width/Height-parameters. Added also an option to use vPlayer as default-player for Direct Streaming
-ANDR beta 0.52 (February 28, 2011) - Two issues resolved (1: Channel-change not taking place on second run. 2: Some Dreambox-images with modified channel-service data generated exceptions).
-ANDR beta 0.51 (February 20, 2011) - No major changes. In Direct Streaming-mode, you will now be prompted to choose which player to use for streaming. New players are being developed and now you can select your player of choice (and not only vPlayer). Some internal code-changes in view of next beta which will support HTTP-streaming.
-ANDR beta 0.50 (February 1, 2011) - Just extended time-limit since I have been very busy lately with other things.
-ANDR beta 0.49 (January 7, 2011) - ADDED support for Https (SSL), improved error-handling, some code-changes
-ANDR beta 0.47 (January 5, 2011) - various stuff..
-ANDR beta 0.45 (January 2, 2011) - first release on Android Market

Good luck and Happy Streaming


Tags: androiddreamer, androiddreamer download, androiddreamerplayer, android dream tilleke, unlimited hdspa 2011. Recently changed in this version:

-ANDR beta 0.56 (April 15, 2011) - Added support for setting new version of vPlayer as default-player for Direct Streaming. Extended time-limit.

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