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First and foremost: This is not a game. This is a reference/guide for The Binding of Isaac, made by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl.

This guide is possibly the fastest and easiest source of information while playing an intense run of BOI, due to its "Everything is a swipe or two away" layout.

The guide covers most game-play aspects. So far, and I say "so far" because I plan on adding more content as time goes on. The guide has in-depth information by The Binding of Isaac Wikia page, as well as data from myself.

So far there is content on:
- Wrath of The Lamb content (optional, but enabled by default. Can be easily changed!)
- Achievements
- Bosses & Mini-Bosses (tap on them for more info!)
- Playable Characters (tap on them for more info!)
- Trinkets (DLC only)
- All Items, cards, and pills

The app has a Holo UI, meaning it's only usable on 3.0 and up, but will look BEST on 4.0 and up. The layout has a familiar card layout, similar to Google Now's.

I'm still debating on whether or not a search is COMPLETELY necessary, but either way, I have begun working on it, and it is not in the app yet.

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