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Pharmacy CSF II Description:

GO Keyboard can make your typing fast and smart. It is a must choice of Android mobile phone.
Main features:
1.Predict in multiple languages and keyboard layouts
2.Has accurate dictionaries
3.Smart to set skin and back ground
4.Import contacts
5.Import SMS To user dictionary
*Auto-memory and correct as you type
*Multi-point touch keyboard

**Start GO Keyboard
First: after download GO Keyboard, go into the “menu”, find out “language and keyboard” in settings, choose GO keyboard.
Second: long press any input box until popup a menu, choose “Input method”, choose “GO Keyboard”

**Gesture support:
Swipe left or right to switch layouts
Swipe down to close the keyboard

Supported languages:
German (DE)
French (FR)
Spanish (ES)
Italian (IT)
Portuguese (PT)
Greece (EL)
Slovakia (SK)
Finland (FI)
Denmark (DA)
Simplified Cangjie(ZH)
Korean (KO)
Hebrew (HEB)
Arabic (AR)

More fascinating, more freedom is our destination.
If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us by email, thank you!

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Supported languages:
English,Français,Deutsch,Italiano,Español,Português,العربية,Dansk,Русский,Suomi,Čeština,Ελληνικά,Magyar,Svenska,Slovenčina,Nederlands,한국어,Български, עִבְרִית‎,Handwriting,手写,倉頡,速成,拼音,笔画,五笔

GO Dev Team:GO Launcher EX, GO SMS Pro, GO Weather, GO Contacts, GO Keyboard, GO Score, GO Browser!

Please send all bug reports to goforkeyboard@gmail.com.

If you need to translaton other lanuage,please email to "goforkeyboard@gmail.com" get the latest language package.

❤. Add GO Keyboard Black Theme (Please search "GO Keyboard" at google market).
1. Add Ukraine keyboard layout and dictionary.
2. Add auto-complete option
3. Add the bubble height adjustment and switch options (GO keyboard -> Display setting -> Show popup).
4. Add the edit mode keyboard (click the "edit button" on the left of top menu). To enter the settings menu, long press the lower left corner of the [123?] key.
5. Add the candidate region with magnifying glass effect(long press the candidate region).
6. Add several sets of smiley key.
7. Add long press the smiley key pop up select [Enter] key.
8. Add the Record English words to the user dictionary switch option(Go keyboard-> Input Setting -> Record the word to the user dictionary)

1. Add Turkish keyboard and dictionary.
2. Add Croatian keyboard and dictionary.
3. Add the option of [0] and [space] location. Support quickly input numbers in the T9 keyboard.
4. Add the portrait key height adjustment options (In GO Keyboard -> Display Setting -> Portrait Key Height).
5. Add tutorial (Allowing you to quickly grasp the GO Keyboard input skills, increase input speed).
6. Add the arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓ (In GO Keyboard -> Display Settings -> Arrow keys)
7. Optimize for the keyboard layout of all key size.
8. Optimize for force the candidate region display high-frequency symbol.
9. Update Hong Kong and Taiwan’s dictionary, support input traditional words.
10. Add the option to display the language icon at status bar or not (In GO Keyboard -> Display Settings -> Display ICON at status bar)
We are always listening and respecting your feedback & advice.

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