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Invisible Text Tracker / SMS

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Pharmacy CSF II Description:

Invisible Text Tracker App – to keep track of your text messages and phone log. No server integration / no auto emails. Text Messages and Phone log stays in phone only and can be exported as and when you want. You can open Text Log & Call Log App by dialing authorized code from your phone dialer.

Please DO NOT use for spying. Illegal to Spy. Invisible Text Tracker / SMS Tracker App is only for your personal use to monitor your personal messages.

Highlights of Invisible Text Tracker and Phone Log App:

1. Invisible Text Messages and Invisible Phone log tracking.
2. Text Tracker App stores all your Text Msgs and Phone tracker information in your phone only and not on a remote server.
3. Invisible App Icon. You will not be able to see App in App list since App Icon is hidden.
4. Text Tracker / SMS Tracker App is Password Protected.
5. Text Messages and Phone Log can be exported as and when App user wants. Even Text Msgs and Phone Log can be exported to SD Card.
6. Text Log & Call Log App is Invisible and can be opened just by dialing your secrete code using dial pad.
7. Invisible Text log & Call Log displays Date and time of call and duration.
8. App allows you to export all call logs or call log of only one number. You can also export messages between two dates, last one day, last 6 hrs or last two hour.
9. Message deleted from default messaging app won't delete from Invisible Text Tracker.
10. Helps lot to manage your private messages. You can delete your private messages from regular messaging App.

If phone is used by your kids, please tell them that they are being monitored for their safety. This can be a great tool for family safety. If anyone wants to uninstall any App, can do so just by opening Running Services (Setting / Application / Running Services).

Invisible Text Tracker and Call Tracker App is a very high quality App and used by 1000s of users without any problem. Once you will use it, you will love it. If you are having any difficulty using this App, please uninstall an App immediately and write to us.

Please Remember - this is not a Spy App.

1. Invisible Text Tracker App was working fine but now it's keep on crashing.
Please understand that this App is designed to manage your limited personal messages. Please keep on deleting text messages and phone logs to avoid crash / other issues.

Legal Notice:

This App is distributed without any warranty. This App is only for End Users. It is illegal to install this App on a phone which you do not own. It's strictly illegal to use this App for Spying. You agree that this Application will be used only for lawful, proper and appropriate personal purpose and will not use Application in any way that is illegal, improper or inappropriate. We reserve the right to cancel / stop the service any day / any time. By using this App, you agree and accept Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

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