Limbo PC Emulator (QEMU)

Limbo PC Emulator (QEMU)

by Maximum Idea


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Pharmacy CSF II Description:

Limbo is a PC emulator for Android based on QEMU. It currently supports PC/AT architecture with Intel and AMD CPUs and peripheral device emulation for HDD, CD, Floppy, VGA, PCI Network Card, Keyboard, Mouse. This is a first beta version, slow but stable and compatible with some Linux live CDs, see below for details.

This software is released under GPL ver2 license:

Source Code can be found at:

=============== THANKS ==========

"And so, I captured this fancy, where all that we see, or seem,
is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe

A Big Thanks to:
Fabrice Bellard
glib team
iconv team
zlib team Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
android-vnc-viewer team
and to my good friend Lazlo!

=============== FEATURES =========

- CPU/ARCH = i386/x86_64 - (486,Pentium,Athlon,n270,Phenom)
- CDROM disk images - (.iso images read/bootable)
- Floopy disk images - (.img raw images read/write/bootable)
- IDE hard disk images - (.qcow2 - sometimes unreliable)
- VGA - (standard, cirrus, VMWare) via VNC local client
- Network - (User/NAT mode) only
- Load/Save Machine State/Snapshot
- VNC Allow Remote Connection
- Machine/Device Management

=============== KNOWN ISSUES ======

1. Use of HDD Images (.img, .qcow2, etc...) from other hosts might not work with Limbo. You have to create an image from within Limbo and install the OS from a CD .iso image
2. Boot from HDD images is not reliable.
3. OSes that use FAT filesystems ie FreeDos and ReactOS cannot be booted from HDD, this seems to be a bug with Limbo.
4. Mouse emulation via VNC has issues with desktop resolution. Try to move mouse at all 4 corners of the desktop surface, this will "calibrate" the mouse positioning
5. Keyboard emulation is not fully emulated, most of the keys should work, for Special keys use the "Special Keys" menu.
6. HD Cache options for QEMU are not supported in Limbo (Cache=none, etc..)
7. Sound Emulation is not working. It might be feasible with SDL audio libraries.
8. Emulation speed while booting images is really slow. Make sure you save snapshot/states often so you don't have to wait every time.
9. Limbo is not optimized for OSes that use GUIs (Desktops) (ie gdm,kde, jwm,flushbox,etc...). It is best to use Limbo with very low resolutions, no icons.

=============== COMPATIBLE OSes =====

=> Trinux
Download only 0.890 version!
Very Fast boot, network is supported, no Desktop.

=> DSL Linux
Very Slow boot, network is supported, GUI (jwm) is supported. Installation to HDD works, but booting from HDD is not reliable and sometimes fails.

=> TTY Linux
Very Slow boot, network is supported, no GUI. Installation to HDD works, but booting from HDD is not reliable and sometimes fails.



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