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This is a limited version of the MathScript-Complete Calculator application.
!!!New::: Version 2.0 released for pro version!!
Don't forget to check the full version of MathScript at android market. New features have been added along with interesting puzzle pack that make you learn and use math like you had never learnt before. The puzzle collections are constantly upgraded in the full version, while it will be maintained to a limited number in the current lite version.
OnGoing development: Intuitive user interface that takes user interaction to other level. Updates coming soon!

MathScript is a must have for any one interested in mathematics and/or programming. Use this tool effectively to learn mathematics interactively and solve your problems in school, college, university or work! Learn and solve problems in a relaxed way by making full use of the solver.

With this comprehensive tool, you can solve equations, plot colorful graphs, generate 2D images from functions, do algebra, calculus, trigonometry, evaluate complex integrals/derivatives for numerous functions, derive expressions, find series expansion, work with matrices, etc...

MathScript is much more than a scientific calculator or a plotter both of which are available plenty in market. As of now, MathScript is the most powerful and comprehensive symbolic computing package available for android mobiles. Many of the features are available only in the advanced computing tools like Matlab*# and Mathematica*#.
It can be your math tutor for all levels! Solve complex problems without the use of a rough paper. Let MathScript do all the work and learn math in a fun way.
It is based on the fast growing symbolic computing package SymPy (

This tool can be used as a mathematics teaching guide for your kids and at the same time can be used for advanced calculations.

Note:: For installation troubleshooting look refer to the bottom of this page

* basic arithmetics *,/,+,-,**
* basic simplification (like a*b*b + 2*b*a*b -> 3*a*b^2)
* expansion (like (a+b)^2 -> a^2 + 2*a*b + b^2)
* functions (exp, ln, ...)
* plotting (currently supports 2D. 3D coming soon)
* complex numbers (like exp(I*x).expand(complex=True) -> cos(x)+I*sin(x))
* differentiation
* taylor (laurent) series
* substitution (like x -> ln(x), or sin -> cos)
* arbitrary precision integers, rationals and floats
* noncommutative symbols
* pattern matching
* functions (sin, cos, tan, atan, asin, acos, factorial, zeta, legendre)
* limits (like limit(x*log(x), x, 0) -> 0)
* integration using extended Risch-Norman heuristic
* polynomials (division, gcd, square free decomposition, * groebner bases, factorization)
* solvers (algebraic, difference and differential equations, and systems of equations)
* symbolic matrices (determinants, LU decomposition...)
* Pauli and Dirac algebra
* geometry module

Coming Soon::
* 3D graphing
* Kids mode (would be impossible to make mistakes)
* Lessons for school kids with solvable questions
* Math Puzzles ( for learning math the fun way )

Planned features:
** Just too many of them. Will keep posted. :)

On first installation, the application will download libraries from internet. This is one time only. The application would then require a restart to load the downloaded libraries later. If you encounter any problem downloading the library or do not have an internet connection, you can download and extract the libraries by using the link provided in the application. Then click on "Locate Package Directory" button to locate the package.
If you have any trouble in installation, please leave a message by email. If the problem is not rectified within 10 days, your money will be refunded.

*# Matlab and Mathematica are registered trademarks of MathWorks and Wolfram

Tags: mathscript calculator android download. Recently changed in this version:

* New user interface
* Faster input of functions
* Context sensitive hints to aid users to use the functions

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