Nook Color Bluetooth

Nook Color Bluetooth

by Earl Magnus


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This is a homepage widget that will tether a Nook Color running CM7 to a mobile phone using the Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) profile. It was written for the Nook Color, but may run on other tablets with Busybox/Bluez pand. The greatest advantage of Bluetooth PAN tethering vs WiFi is power consumption -- Bluetooth consumes far less.

The widget will also require superuser access on the Nook and the mobile phone must be able to tether and already paired with the Nook -- that usually involves an Internet connection sharing application and an appropriate rate plan. Note that though almost all Android applications that require network access function correctly, some applications -- mostly Google Applications -- do not. Talk, for example, does not work nor does the Market application. The browser will complain that network access is not available and work anyway. This is because Bluetooth PAN is not properly supported in Android at this time.


1. Add the widget to your home screen.
2. Tap the widget to connect to the phone.
3. Once connected, tap again to disconnect.

An LED graphic will show yellow in the widget during connection setup. If the connection is successful, it will show green. If the connection was not successful or the connection is severed, the LED graphic will be off/gray.

There is an application -- it's only function is to report the name and Bluetooth address of the paired device that will be used for tethering.

You can request support in this XDA Developers thread: Recently changed in this version:

Fixed a null pointer exception when attempting to read paired devices networking capabilities fails.

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Nook Color Bluetooth Tether for Android screenshot Nook Color Bluetooth Tether for Android screenshot

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