Nook Color Tweaks

Nook Color Tweaks

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A small simple app to tweak a rooted Nook Color running the CM7 kernel(nightly 88+) or Dalingrin's OC kernel.
This app allows control for:
-CPU clock rate per stepping
-Voltage control
-USB Host mode control
-U-Boot settings
-External speaker volume
-Heaphones volume
-DAC gain

More features to come...

*Only for Nook Color. Need kernel support for volume and CPU clock rate adjustments.
*For audio adjustments you must have a recent 2.6.32 kernel on CM7 or Dalingrin's OC kernel for CM7 or rooted B&N Froyo 1.2
*For CPU adjustments you must have Dalingrin's overclock kernel from 06/09/11 or later.
*Voltage control requires Dalingrin's overclock kernel from 06/30/11 or later.

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此版本 最新更新:

*Added unstable voltage safeguard

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