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PoopLog is a free application that allows you to track your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale on your Android powered device. Once you record the type of bowel movement, volume, and time, PoopLog allows you to attach a note, attach a photo, and even allows you to share any part of your entry with other installed applications (such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SMS, Email, etc..). PoopLog also features an extensive reporting option which will allow you to export your PoopLog to a text file for easy analysis by a health practitioner.

*NEW*: PoopLog now has the ability to log a pain/discomfort level from 0-10. This option is disabled by default, but can be enabled via Settings > Defaults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why develop PoopLog? Is it a joke application? I was out of work, and on disability for 7+ months due to severe bowel problems.. I'm a geek, so I started tracking everything, even my bowel movements. I figured others might want to do the same, so I gave birth to PoopLog. While it can be fun to track and tweet, PoopLog was originally developed to assist with tracking bowel movements for easy analysis by a health practitioner.

I can really attach a photo to my PoopLog? Why? This wasn't an original feature of PoopLog, and won't become available until PoopLog2 is released. For some reason, this is the most requested feature from my users so I had no choice but to include this great feature! When you take your first photo, you will be asked if you would like your PoopLog photos hidden from the Android gallery. This option is configurable through the PoopLog application settings.

Why does PoopLog require install permissions? The only permissions required are to read/write to the external storage device (ie: microsd), and to access the camera. This is required exclusively to import/export generated reports and read/write PoopLog photos. PoopLog doesn't connect to the internet, doesn't obtain your device's identity or contacts, and doesn't transmit any information out from your device to anyone, ever, unless you select the share option for a PoopLog entry.

Why can't I share my PoopLog directly to the Facebook for Android application? The Facebook for Android application contains a flaw where it believes you are attempting to share a link, rather than share text. This issue appears to affect every Android developer, including myself. For now, you can workaround this issue by using the 'Copy to Clipboard' button. Once you do this, you can manually open your Facebook application and paste the text from your clipboard with a long-press on any text-field. Hopefully the Facebook for Android developers will fix this soon.

Why does it take so long to open an attached PoopLog photo? I've heard reports of attached PoopLog images taking upwards of 30+ seconds to open. I am not sure what is causing the latency, but will look into it and resolve it in an upcoming version.

What features can be expected in future versions of PoopLog? I am playing with the ability to geotag entries, allowing users to view a map/trail of their PoopLog. Also, I am working on implementing some sort of label/tagging system in order to sort entries into multiple custom categories (ie: smell, contents..). You can follow developments on Twitter via @kefsco, and if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or any feedback at all, email feedback@kefsco.com.

Is PoopLog open-source? Currently, no. If I ever get around to cleaning up my code, my goal is to release it for anyone to use.

Will PoopLog ever be an iPhone/iPad/iOS app? No.

I hope that you find PoopLog useful and fun, as silly as it may be.

Tags: pooplog app. Recently changed in this version:

2.02;April 29th, 2011

*add new/settings: added ability to log pain level (0-10)
enable via settings > defaults > hide pain level (default: hidden)

*add new: fixed bug reported by awesome user DaveB where passkey is not checked on view log from add new

*add new: share: added pain level to share text

*view log: added pain level to viewlog list and details

*settings: added/clarified subtext descriptions for all settings menu items

*help: updated help text to include new pain level options

PoopLog for Android screenshot PoopLog for Android screenshot

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