oneID PC Remote Control

oneID PC Remote Control

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A full-featured remote control app allows you to remotely control your PCs and laptops from your Android device via your Wi-Fi network. **Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy 10.1v Tested**

Here are some of the things you can do with oneID from your Android devices:
-Launch and control any applications/services on your PC (NEW)
-Remote data entry with a virtual keyboard
-Easy navigation with an Arrows Keypad
-Navigate your PC from anywhere with a remote touch pad
-Monitor your PC’s usage stats instantly
-Lock/unlock your PC
-Log in/out of your PC
-Shutdown/restart your PC
-Take a snapshot of your desktop
-Send instant messages to your PC

-Play any media file on your PC
-File transfer between PC and mobile device
-Live screen of your PC
-Tell us what you want to see in the new release!

oneID does not capture or collect any private or usage information.

To get started with oneID:

1. Download oneID mobile client from Android Market and install on your Android mobile device
2. Download oneID PC client from and install on your PC
3. Launch oneID on your mobile device and follow the instructions
4. Access your PCs with your mobile device, from anywhere within your Wi-Fi network

Try the free version now (for 1 PC) and decide if you would like to purchase the premium version (for up to10 PCs).

Want to have an App of your own? No problem. As an Android Mobile App developer, we can develop and customise an App specifically for your business, visit us at

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Please rate this App if you like it. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at

* By downloading this app, you agree to “oneID End User License Agreement”.

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What's New

Added Apps feature
Bug fixes
Support for Android OS 2.1+ mobile phones
Support for Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablets, including Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy 10.1v


oneID Free - PC Remote Control for Android screenshot oneID Free - PC Remote Control for Android screenshot

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