Classic Lianliankan

Classic Lianliankan

by Maxstrom


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"Lianliankan" is a very simple action game play it is to use two of the same line will eliminate the cartoon icon. The game is now popular across. Most important thing is agile and enhance the training capacity of logic. "Lianliankan" after the start of the game quickly find the same pattern of each box, and together with the line can be eliminated, to see who the fastest consumer who is the winner. Super simple rules of the game yo, and accompanied by relaxing music, clear and lovely picture of cautious for the MM-based players. Exquisite illustrations in the game, with more than ten kinds of high-quality mixed sound, to bring you a vivid gaming experience, the game becomes more interesting and challenging the. Click the box to the basic rules, the two patterns the same box connected with a connection, cable not more than three straight lines, connected the box will explode. Click the operating rules to select a piece, the pieces change color, then click on another card face the same pattern pieces, if we can connect to OK, if not the connection, first select the piece will fail, do not hesitate to re-look yo. Victory and defeat are to eliminate all the pieces to win it! Select pieces of the time is limited, if the pieces inside a limited time did not find the will because of "time running out" and lose the game in advance; halfway out of the game will be sentenced to lose. Share a skill, familiar with the basic set Lianliankan! Why does it appear to be eliminated, but can not eliminate? This is your basic elimination of Lianliankan not quite understand the rules! Rules of the game, "players can be two pairs the same pattern link cable not more than three straight lines, to eliminate child will be successful." To eliminate each pair must have a rectangular box as a transition - - In addition to direct toward, and when something blocked the route through the time, we can not go on! So remember, as far as possible from them to the edges, this will have lost a lot of obstacles! 2, act decisively and with confidence. I think we all know, the human eye is a blind spot, you can draw a point in a piece of paper, and then is slowly shift to the left of the front, to a certain position after the dot disappeared suddenly found - but indeed in the visible range, Lianliankan, too, left the lower right, upper right lower left, sometimes several parallel angle can not see the box that can eliminate, so the vision should focus on when playing multi-turn turn. For example, in the process of elimination can eliminate a lot of looks, but in fact there are many difficulties in transition time, then please do not test your eyesight, you must act decisively and immediately to try. Do not even think too much is also found to eliminate wasted a lot of time! 3, more training, summary, confidence and perseverance. For now always lose friends, do not be discouraged because, loser. You know, the master is grown up from the rookie! ! ! Have fun! My friend! Classic Lianliankan SCREENSHOTS
Classic Lianliankan for Android screenshot Classic Lianliankan for Android screenshot

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