Drag Racing Maximum Tuning

Drag Racing Maximum Tuning

by Xtreme Developments


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Pharmacy CSF II Description:

Ever wanted to be the Best of The Best in pro league? Or wanted to beat that boss that is constantly beating you? Maybe you just want to show a friend how much faster and better your time on the track is. Well whatever your need this app has all the info that you could possibly need to get what you need to achieve. Just take a look, be it your car is a level 1, level 6, or even a level 10! We have all the best setups with the best cars to get you to the top spot of your choice. Just take a look at the screenshots as a teaser of what is to come for you with the use of this app!

I will keep this app updated with the latest times to keep you in that top spot. If you happen to have/find a setup better then mine feel free to email me and ill give you credit in the update!

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Drag Racing Maximum Tuning for Android screenshot Drag Racing Maximum Tuning for Android screenshot

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