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Angry Birds

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Rovio Mobile will be in March 2011 with the United States in the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation to cooperate in Rio animated films released a special version of the game "Angry Birds Rio". The anger of the original bird character will be kidnapped to a magical city, which track all the way to escape predators, save their own companions and Jewel both Blu "Rio" the protagonist of the film. The game lasted several hours, is based on the removal of the physical challenges of tasks associated with the movie plot quite. The game will be set up 45 checkpoints, may also be more than "an angry bird," the updated version contains more points in support of smart phones and tablet PCs in the run.

Reported, focusing on promotion of the game characters in the game in Rio is a comic character, a shape similar rare but have been looking for the birds. The game has always been hunters kill birds had fled back to their nests. Currently can not imagine Angry Birds Rio would be a game what kind of effect, and whether we are iOS or Android, Symbian phones to experience the game much different? These all have to wait after the game was released in March in order to have a more complete understanding, but experience certainly is different, with the expectation

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