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Pharmacy CSF II Description:

*Points of caution
◆There have been revisions to parts of the system and installation of the application has been made easier.
If the steps below are followed correctly when installing, save data can be carried over to this version.
①For those who have "One Piece F version 1.0" installed on their devices, please make sure that you back up your save data to the server.
(Please push the "Online Bonus" button.)
②Next, please uninstall it. (Please confirm this under Settings ⇒Applications Management)
③After uninstalling it, please download this version.
*If "One Piece F version 1.0" is not uninstalled before installing this version, defects in save data may occur.

*We are very sorry but for users of devices without SIM cards, player data cannot be carried over.
*For users of devices without SIM cards, please remove all cards, then uninstall "One Piece F version 1.0" before installing this version.
・How to remove cards: Cards can be removed by using Options ⇒ Remove Registered Card.

・Models tested: L-01D (optimus LTE), GALAXY S (SC-02B), Xperia acro (SO-02C), GALAXY S Ⅱ (SC-02C), htc EVO 3D (ISW12HT)
(To use this App, you need to update to Android OS 2.2 or later)
・Please be aware that the game cannot be played using overseas editions of the cards sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or Macau.
■One Piece AR Carddass Formation (Ver 1.0.2)
Read the AR marker printed on the back of the card, and characters pop up!
Scan the AR marker and read the serial ID on the back of the card, and it’s battle time!!
The characters on the cards come with missions. If you clear the mission and win, the character will become your ally!!
Once you've gathered some allies, scan three cards simultaneously to set up a formation and challenge a super-strong BOSS!
This is an exclusive application with which you can scan and play with cards from “One Piece AR Carddass Formation”, to be released by BANDAI on June 22nd 2012.
To get the most out of this App, you need “One Piece AR Carddass Formation” cards.
*If you do not have any cards at hand, you can also use round objects such as coins for a trial battle with Sanji or to make use of the collection function by gathering items from Boss battles or treasure hunts.
*When using round objects such as coins, please select [Coin AR] from [AR Scan] on the main menu, which is displayed on the right hand side of the HOME screen.

Check out more detailed information on “One Piece AR Carddass Formation” at the Official Homepage!

(C)Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation
(C)BANDAI 2012

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what updat:

Points updated
①Fixes to defects when logging into Facebook
②Fixes to defects on-screen
③Fixes to other bugs

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