Road Runner Lite

Road Runner Lite

by Thecle


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Pharmacy CSF II Description:

2034, states can no longer hire a police. They call mercenary to purchase robber which use their own stuff.

You are one of this daily mercenary, a jailbreak just occured ! Time to jump in your « powerfull » car and go catch the burglare !

Who knows ? You can even one day acquire the mythic V8 Interceptor… if it ever exists

- An infinite runner made for fun
- 20 Bonus
- 3 Cars
- No in-app purchase

More to come :
- Race Statistics
- Achievments
- Statistics, Achievements, Traps and more !

what updat:

- Car invulnerability after a hit improved to create less lag
- Chunk revamps for less power consumption and better game design
- Better car control at start
- 5 quality level instead of 3
- Trafic no longuer hide itself in jump ramp
- Difficulty balancing on traffic
- Bugfixing

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