Ultimate Windows 7 GO Launcher

Ultimate Windows 7 GO Launcher

by utopiandroid


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The Ultimate Windows 7 Theme is a brand new premium GO Launcher EX theme from the Android Utopia development group.

The Ultimate Windows 7 Theme offers lots of customization options, including multiple wallpapers, app drawer backgrounds, dock bars, and icons.


+ Over 100 beautiful custom designed Windows 7 inspired icons. All other icons are themed with five seperate custom Windows 7 style templates.

+ Eight high definition custom Windows 7 themed wallpapers in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize it exactly how you like.

+ Totally redesigned Windows inspired app drawer, also with six separate high definition backgrounds.

+ Includes six custom made Windows style dock bars to allow for even more customization.

+ Thank you for your support, over 30 PERFECT 5 star reviews of this theme! Please rate to support.


This theme will not open on its own, you must install the free home screen app "GO Launcher EX" and apply it.

To apply theme:
Menu > Themes > Windows 7 Theme > Apply

To change Wallpaper:
Menu > Wallpaper > GO Wallpaper

To change Dock Bar:
Press Menu > Pref > Theme settings > Dock background > GO Theme BG

To change App Drawer:
Press Menu > Pref > Theme settings > App Drawer background > GO Theme BG

To set Circle/Sphere/Cylinder icon effects:
Pres Menu > Pref > Effects settings > Icon effect > Chariot/Cylinder/Sphere

To change any desktop/dock bar icon individually:
Long press > Choose icon > Theme's icon

If the theme is not downloading/installing, try rebooting your phone and re-downloading. This is due to Android Market servers and usually resolves soon.


Please support by rating 5 stars or leave a comment, thank you, enjoy!

Collect the complete suite of Android Utopia themes, you are able to mix and match icons, wallpaper, docks, and app drawer backgrounds between themes:

To change dock icon style:
Press Menu > Themes settings > Desk Icon Style > Any other theme

To change desktop icon style:
Press Menu > Themes settings > Dock Icon Style > Any other theme

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Clock in screen shot is called "Digital Clock Widget".

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What's New

Added new custom 'Scorched Earth' Windows 7 Wallpaper!
Added more icons, now over 100 ultimate custom Windows 7 inspired icons!
Custom designed App Drawer background.
More coming soon, please rate to support! Thank you and enjoy.


Ultimate Windows 7 GO Launcher for Android screenshot Ultimate Windows 7 GO Launcher for Android screenshot

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