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How Augmented Reality Applications changing the future of technologies

What is Augmented Reality?

Literally translated means Augmented Reality “augmented reality.” Augmented reality development is a method to add digital information to the real world. Augmented reality could contain almost all expressions that can be used are generated by computers in Augmented Reality. This may include graphics, games, video, audio and texts. The possibilities are endless to mention.

What is Augmented Reality Applications?

Those applications are quite different from other applications which we commonly use. For example at the “mirror” form the user looks at a screen where he / she sees herself, along with the Augmented Reality model. Both the user and the digital model are situated on the same side of the display.
With the “lens” model has a screen where you can see the AR model. Hereby, this screen is located between the user and the AR model. This screen can next to a display of a smart phone for example the google glasses, but most are AR applications that you can experience on your mobile.

How do I experience Augmented Reality?

Everywhere we are surrounded by objects: furniture, shopping, gear, clothing, books and packaging. There are quite a few. Unfortunately, these properties are still fairly static: they ‘live’ not. And what would now be more fun than these objects really bring to life so they say more to the imagination and can convey their message better?

The direct translation of “Augmented Reality” is “Added Reality”. Augmented reality development involves adding a virtual layer / dimension of reality. So the (realistic) adding computer-generated images to direct, real images. It makes the difference between the real world and the virtual world becomes smaller. Increasingly ‘AR’ used in our everyday environment.

There is a wide variety of augmented reality software in circulation, mainly this augmented reality applications which are available for smart phones and tablets. Often the technology is seen as a form of entertainment, which is reflected in the diversity of augmented reality games. However, the technique can also be used for a wide range of more useful commercial applications. This could include the visualization of archaeological projects or renovations of buildings. In architecture, augmented reality can be used to visualize construction projects so that the buildings can be viewed in a real life situation. In addition, the technique is used to visualize underground networks and pipe work on location.

AR is in a sense related to Virtual Reality. The big difference, however, exists in that, in Virtual Reality the experience of the real world is largely replaced by the simulated experience of a fantasy world.

AR is an additional information layer, which is adding to the perception in the real world. Virtual Reality focuses on so-called “immersive” experiences while Augmented reality applications focuses more on information submissions in the actual environment..
There are countless possibilities with this phenomenon. We of course look mainly to applications in mobile. Mobilizing an Augmented Reality application must meet certain conditions in order to remain viable. For a consumer should have such use low-cost, innovative and ease of use is paramount.

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