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How Augmented Reality Applications changing the future of technologies

augmented reality applications

What is Augmented Reality? Literally translated means Augmented Reality “augmented reality.” Augmented reality development is a method to add digital information to the real world. Augmented reality could contain almost all expressions that can be used are generated by computers in Augmented Reality. This may include graphics, games, video, audio and ...

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Finding an Alternative to iMovie for Windows


Most Mac and Apple users are very familiar with iMovie, and the nifty app has made a name for itself as being an extremely user-friendly yet powerful video creation tool. Considering how difficult and technical video creation tends to be, having an app that will allow you to create professional-looking ...

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Apple releases iOS 8.1.1–Jailbreakers stay away!


Apple is constantly busy in making its iOS better and faster for its users and they have recently launched an update of iOS 8.1.1 for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. This update contains major improvements, bugs and fixes and lots of new features. This update has appeared like a trouble ...

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Best Ways To Monetize Mobile Apps

Monetize Mobile Apps

Mobile application are becoming big business now a days.Revenue from Monetize Mobile Apps increasing by billions every year. Apple store and Google store are the biggest market place for apps.A developer always want to increase its revenue because of that they should have to know how to monatize the application. ...

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