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Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI)

What is MSBI?

MSBI is an acronym for Microsoft Business Intelligence. It’s the Microsoft suite comprising of various tools for implementing Business intelligence solutions.
This is mainly classified into THREE modules:

⦁    SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) – Which will help us to perform an ETL operation or in simple words, it will be used to fill a Data warehouse.
⦁    SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) – It helps create Cube out of Data Warehouse.  It just takes the cube as one more storage space like Data Warehouse, but here data will be stored in a more performance efficient manner. Data retrieval will be faster here compared to the normal Data Warehouse.
⦁    SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) – It helps create reports which display data in a nice graphical way with the help of various charts, images etc. SSRS reports are the final source of information to end user. By looking into the end user, it makes decisions.

Types of business intelligence tools

The key general categories of business intelligence tools are:
⦁    Spreadsheets
⦁    Reporting and querying Software : tools that extract, sort, summarize, and present selected data
⦁    OLAP: Online analytical processing
⦁    Digital Dashboards
⦁    Data Mining
⦁    Process Visualization
⦁    Data Warehousing
⦁    Local Information Systems
Except for spreadsheets, these tools are provided as standalone tools, suites of tools, components of ERP systems, or as components of software targeted to a specific industry. The tools are sometimes packaged into data warehouse appliances.
Microsoft Business Intelligence is an essential part while executing methodologies and the right arranging techniques. BI innovation helps its clients in social affairs, putting away, getting to, and breaking down the information. The arrangement of uses secured under Business Intelligence permits the organizations in powerful usage of Decision Support System, applying Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) ideas, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, and Data Mining.

Microsoft Business Intelligence serves in sending the data to the right leaders at the correct time. BI is favored by a parcel of clients, as it leads them in coming to the actualities in view of the conclusion or all the more generally known as ‘single variant of reality’. MSBI training gives the best finished item and drives an association to change over the crude information into helpful data; accordingly, bringing benefits.

Business Intelligence plays a huge part in the working of associations and helps them to proceed with the movement. Taking over is the hugeness of Business Intelligence:
⦁    BI helps in examining the evolving requests; accordingly, an organization can have precise and upgraded data about client inclinations
⦁    It helps organization to decide and plan their future strategies depending upon the current data and scenario.
⦁    It helps companies to have a better understanding of data so that they can create as well as work on better business ideas.
⦁    It has many opportunities for employees to as the career growth is huge and almost every organization uses it.
⦁    It helps the Managers to stay educated about contenders’ conduct and their activities
⦁    It helps the experts in knowing the changes that should be defeated expanding benefits
⦁    It helps in planning a better business
A good knowledge on SQL server 2008 & SQL server 2012 helps in a better understanding of MSBI. The basic requirements for learning MSBI are:
·         Understanding of OLAP solutions.
·         Navigation of windows server environment.
·         Knowledge of SQL server.
·         SQL server installation, design & system tables.
·         Relational databases.
·         Basic programming skills.
·         Reporting software.
·         Analysis skills.

MSBI Advantages

⦁    Easy data exploration and visualization
⦁    Managed self-service Business Intelligence (BI)
⦁    Full use of native Excel features
⦁    Dashboards, guided navigation, and drill-down.
⦁    Full support to .Net, WebService
⦁    Complete End-to-End solution
⦁    MSBI also Supports SEMI WareHousing Application
⦁    MSBI can easily integrate with All Front End Applications
⦁    MSBI is:
Easy to Install
Easy to Use
Easy to Maintain
Cheaper Price
Full Support to GUI
Highly Scalable


Microsoft Business Intelligence is doing excellent as of now because of the flexibility and power usage. Developer and Administrators can make use of this wonderful process with ease for their day to day data related activities.

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